Differing Master Environment

If the system you're hosting as your Sensu "master" has a differing environment to that of some or all of your client systems - perhaps due to a different operating system, or simply down to preference - you'll need to set the variable sensu_master_config_path for that system at the host_vars level to point to its configuration directory.

Let's say my Sensu "master" is running in a SmartOS zone, but my clients are mostly Linux systems. I'd need to set the following in the "master" system's host_vars:

sensu_master_config_path: '/opt/local/etc/sensu'

This is necessary for the deployment of SSL data to the clients. When distributing the SSL data to the clients, a lookup is used to get the path to the data, which uses the above variable.
If sensu_master_config_path is not defined at the "master" node's host_vars level, a default of /etc/sensu will be used.