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This role deploys a full Sensu stack, a modern, open source monitoring framework.


  • Deploy a full Sensu stack, including RabbitMQ, redis, and the Uchiwa dashboard
  • Full support for Sensu Enterprise
  • Tight integration with the Ansible inventory - deployment of monitoring checks based on inventory grouping
  • Fine grained control over dynamic client configurations
  • Remote plugin deployment
  • Automatic generation and dynamic deployment of SSL certs for secure communication between your clients and servers
  • Highly configurable

Batteries included, but not imposed

Along with deploying the Sensu Server, API and clients, this role can deploy a full stack: RabbitMQ, redis, and the Uchiwa dashboard. However, if you want to rely on other roles/management methods to deploy/manage these services, it's nice and easy to integrate this role.

Documentation Documentation

Read the full documentation for a comprehensive overview of this role and its powerful features.


This role requires: - A supported version of Ansible, see Ansible version support for details. - The dynamic_data_store variable to be set: see Dynamic Data Store - If sensu_include_plugins is true (the default), the static_data_store variable needs to be set: see Check Deployment

Supported Platforms

Automatically tested via TravisCI

Supported manually (compatibility not always guaranteed)

Role Variables

See Role Variables for a detailed list of the variables this role uses

Example Playbook

  - hosts: all
      - role: sensu.sensu

Or, passing parameter values:

  - hosts: sensu_masters
      - { role: sensu.sensu, sensu_master: true, sensu_include_dashboard: true  }

Ansible version support

All changes to this role are actively tested against Ansible 2.6 and 2.7 at this time. Ansible 2.5 is required at a minimum.



Author Information

Originally created by Calum MacRae and supported by the Sensu Community Ansible Maintainers


See the projects Contributors page

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